CFI has been serving the transit industry in Florida for 29 years. We serve every major carrier in the United States as well as every major transit insurance underwriter.

We are a Full Claims Service and produce positive results. All customers are contacted within 24 hours of claim receipt, and 98% of all claims are completed within 30 days. We produce positive results and nurture strong relationships. We keep you and your customers updated and informed through every stage of the claims process. Any time there is a change of status you can count on us to keep everyone informed.

Mitch Treider is the President of Complete Furniture and Interiors. He serves the transit industry faithfully and works closely with industry leaders toward Claims Prevention in every facet of the transit industry.

We hope you choose to take advantage of all the services we offer. We pledge honesty, integrity and quality of workmanship for now, and all the years to come.